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Image: Lush Instagram

WHAT IT IS: Who would have thought? It might look like a sad, grey looking bar of old soap, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. A quick internet scan reveals to us that it’s the only one of its kind – a solid serum bar.

Now that I have your interest, let me give you the lowdown – Lush’s Full of Grace serum sells itself as a solid face serum made of all natural ingredients with absolutely zero preservatives.

The key ingredients, portobello mushroom, murumuru and cupuacu butters, also promise to be soothing for even the most sensitive skin types, absorb well, and work in both hot humid weather and cold weather.

If you’re a Lush fan, you’ve probably embraced the brand’s tree-hugging beliefs as well: non-animal tested, ethically sourced, 100 percent vegetarian and freshly handmade beauty products. There’s also zero packaging with this product, so you get to do your bit for the environment. Sounds like a beauty hippie’s dream!

To use, simply hold the bar between your palms and let some product melt with your body heat. Apply it to your face in a gentle upwards swiping motion, avoiding the eye area and before your moisturiser for best results. If you’d like, the serum also acts as a great ‘massage oil’ for impromptu DIY facials.

Image: Lush

WHY I LOVE IT: If you like to travel, this rich serum will be great for you – airplanes use recycled air and that mega-dries out your skin. But bringing this aboard won’t be a problem since its a solid, not a liquid. Way to bypass the system!

For normal usage though, I found that it works better as a night time moisturiser, it’s too rich and oily to use in the daytime and causes any makeup you put over it to slide.

It’s also not for the people with combination skin – the serum didn’t absorb as well on the T-zone, though it did wonders on my cheek areas. Because of my oily T-zone, I would wake up to a greasy fringe in the morning, which wasn’t so great either. 

Overall, it did improve my skin; I still use it at night whenever I try a new product that aggravates my face (whoops). It also acts as a really good moisturiser as well as a great “slip” provider when I massage my face. I wouldn’t recommend it for users with oily skin though.

GET IT AT: Lush Full of Grace solid serum, $30.50, is available at all Lush outlets. For more information, visit and follow Lush on Twitter and Instagram.