Whether your go-to style for weekend brunches is something a little flirty or more laidback and effortless, there’s always one foolproof way to take your look to the next level: Your hair.

There’s no shortage of what you can do with your tresses, but here’s what we’re proposing: The infinity braid.



Why? For starters, it’s slowly but surely trending on our Instagram feeds, and for good reason, too: It’s a fresh and adorable twist to the classic braid that looks like it took a lot of effort – but not really!

It’s so popular that, in fact, Gal Gadot was spotted rocking it in her blockbuster film, too. Yes, it seems even Wonder Woman herself isn’t impartial to beauty trends!



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Here’s how it works: Split your hair down the middle into two sections. These will form the base of your infinity braid, so feel free to tease it with a boar bristled brush for added volume. Next, take a tiny piece from the left section. That will be your “working piece”. What you’re going to do to achieve that infinity look is to quite literally make an infinity sign (∞) with the working piece. That means going above the left section, under the right, then wrapping it around so that it goes above the right section and then under the left. Phew.



I know, this all sounds more than a  little complex, but trust me when I say it’s really not that hard. It just takes patience (a lot of it) and maybe a bit of liquid courage. (We kid. Really. It’s probably not a good idea to do this inebriated.) But think an infinity sign and you can’t go wrong. Then, when your working piece runs out of hair, simply grab more from whichever side you’re on and keep going. Above, under, above, under.



As with any braid, you can rock it in so many ways.



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Beyond adding hair accessories, switch things up by ending your infinity braid off with a regular braid.



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Or make it a part of a whole combination of braids: Dutch, infinity and fishtail. (Don’t worry, we’ve found a step-by-step tutorial to help you along.)



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And if you’re looking for a more casual look (or if your arms get tired!), you can always add a dash of class by rocking the half-up, half-down style.



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So there you go! Give it a try and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@herworldsingapore) if this story inspires you to try out the look. And if your arms start to ache, just remember: There’s a reason why Wonder Woman’s arms look that good!