The K-Beauty we know today is dewy, flawless skin with minimal eye makeup and sometimes a pop of colour on the lips.

It’s almost difficult to believe that skinny eyebrows, gaudy eyeshadows, wacky hair and “insect feeler” fringes were the norm back in the late 90s for trend-setting girl groups Fin.K.L, Baby V.O.X. and S.E.S. (FYI, members of these groups include hot singer Lee Hyori, as well as actresses Yoon Eun Hye and Eugene. Yes, it’s been more than 10 years since.)

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Image: Screenshot from video

Now imagine how different it was a century ago, back when the country was still under Japanese rule. Unpredictable, huh?

No need to rack your brains though, because this time-lapse video by YouTube channel The Cut shows you how Korean trends have changed right from the 1910s until today. Oh, and we mean North Korean trends, too.

That being said, some netizens have pointed out that some of the looks – the 2010s in particular – lean a little bit more towards what the Korean-Americans and edgier stars like 2NE1’s CL were wearing, as compared to the average Korean woman.

Watch the video, then tell us what you think. Are these accurate representations? Or are they only correct, up until the 2010s? Enjoy!

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