Why use shampoo when this salon treatment lasts 5 months or more B JLO.png

Very small dress, very big hair © Versace

Big hair, don’t care? J-Lo, get your glam squad cracking on securing this as part of your Singapore Grand Prix prep, pronto.

For the rest of us would-be prima donnas, Goldwell’s latest suite of salon-only services is the key to landing leading-lady locks lasting “up to five months” – all without lifting a single manicured finger, at that.

For starters, we’ll note that Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service comes complete with an amusingly alliterative tagline that’s right after our own heart: “From frustrating to fabulous hair.”

How? With something the hair experts call KeraShape tech, which essentially glazes each strand with glyoxylic acid and cuticle-sealing compounds like keratin and silk proteins.

Why use shampoo when this salon treatment lasts 5 months or more B2.png

Better yet, the range is free of formaldehyde, a pungent preservative that rates dangerously high on our checklist of chemicals to avoid in your beauty buys.

The result? Surpassingly sleek strands which will make day-to-day styling snappy and straightforward “for up to five months”, thanks to the forging of follicular keratin, which are quite literally the bodybuilding blocks of baby hair.

The entire shebang will take about two to three hours, but “sealing” the deal, so to speak, is the fact that said salon treatment is entirely customisable to your individual knots and kinks – that means anyone rocking a J-Law pixie or trendy ‘Yonce wob is free to waltz in.

Sure, at $400 to $600 a pop, this treat for your tresses is on the steep side –but what price a pouf that will get the hard-bodied papis swarming to your block? 

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service is available exclusively at Goldwell salons. For more information, call 6681 4743 for salon listings and visit www.kerasilk.goldwell.com.