Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of eye oils

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For the longest time, people didn’t believe in having oils in our skincare routine. The amount of sebum that our skin produces in Singapore’s humidity can sometimes be hard to manage (and honestly, way too much for our liking too) – so why do we want to apply even more oil to our skin? The big breakthrough then came along: facial oils work amazing for our skin, providing it with the hydration and nourishment that it needs without clogging pores.

Makeup artists then started incorporating facial oils into their looks by either prepping the skin with it, or mixing it in with foundation. Soon after, people started taking note of the various benefits of facial oils, and it’s earned itself a spot in most of our beauty regimes.

Then came along eye oils. They’re less heard of by consumers, but the trend is picking up. The same question by every self-respecting beauty lover then arises again – would putting oil in my under-eye area give me milia seeds? Are oils, which are a thicker consistency than serum, able to be effectively absorbed by the skin?

The answer: You have no reason to be afraid of eye oils at all. Here’s why.

1. They may be oils, but our skin is able to absorb them effectively.

Why? They’re lightweight oils; some even lighter than eye creams. The thin consistency of the product allows for quick absorption by the skin. You’d be surprised at how quickly your skin will “drink” up the oil.

2. They’re packed with chockfull of essential oils that are beneficial for different under-eye concerns


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Take the Noni Radiant Eye Oil by Kora Organics (this is Mirander Kerr’s skincare line in case you didn’t know) for example. A small bottle of the oil contains at least three different types of organic oil that’ll treat different problems.

Kahai oil contains a natural retinol, which helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Coffee seed oil on the other hand, helps reduce puffiness thanks for the caffeine in it. And that’s not even all of the benefits you can get from a simple swipe of the oil.


Emerald Oil Vitamin-enriched Anti-aging Eye Treatment

Photo: SW1 Shop

The Emerald Oil Vitamin-enriched Anti-aging Eye Treatment from SW1 Clinic contains organic coconut, chamomile and jojoba oil to awaken and brighten the delicate under-eye area. Don’t be afraid to use this before putting on your concealer, your skin will thank you for it.

3. It’s pretty much like having an eye massage when using an eye oil


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You know when you go for a body massage and the masseur massages your body with essential oils? The same thing works for eye oils. The Emerald Oil Eye Treatment from SW1 Clinic comes with a metal roller ball as the applicator that helps to massage the product in gently. The Noni Radiant Eye Oil even goes as far to use a rose quartz ball roller, for an added spiritual experience to your skincare routine – thanks to the healing properties of the crystal.

Now, go ahead and treat your under eye areas to an oily “massage”. There’s really nothing to be afraid of.