Here’s something that’ll raise an eyebrow: Your fate might quite literally be hanging by a hair – your brow hair, that is.

Take it from famed face reader Priya Sher herself: “Eyebrows reflect our heart, our sexual energy, our relationship with our partner, our relationship with our siblings and our power, career and work style.” Gulp, that’d be everything but the kitchen sink, then.

Eyes on stalks? Fret not, we’re here to help. Okay, this might be splitting hairs a little, but before we dive brow-first into the misty waters of mysticism, let’s pause for the customary caveats: These tips should serve as amusing diversion first and guiding principle second. Got that? Good. Now that the tedious T&Cs are out of the way, here’s a handy roadmap for boosting your brows’ blessings:

Why are your eyebrows essential?

Rule number one: Thwart the temptation to tweeze the “lifeblood” out of your brows – and we mean that quite literally, too. Take this dramatic declaration from a doyenne of the ancient arts: “No face must lack eyebrows,” emphasises Lillian Too from WorldOfFengshui. “Your eyebrows guard against ‘attacks’ [so] without eyebrows, you cannot succeed at anything!”

Here’s another tantalising tidbit from feng shui shifu Mak Ling-ling, who notes that the direction of growth can be a tell-tale sign of your temperament: “People who have eyebrow hair that grows upwards are sharp-witted and love to take risks, while people whose hair grows downwards are often afraid of taking risks.”

Bonus: Booze may be to blame if you’re sporting blemishes between your brows. Spots in this hotspot are said to be symptomatic of a stressed liver, so try abstaining from absinthe shots at the club, and hydrate with lots of (non-alcoholic) fluids.

How to amp up your arch appeal

In a happy stroke of “luck” (so to speak), your eyebrows are exceptionally easy to modify. Psyched to get pretty and prosperous all at once? Here’s how, per Lillian Too: “If you can shape your eyebrow to look like the Chinese character for ‘one’ and your eyebrow hairs are thick with strong roots, you may enjoy good fortune.” Even better, your follicles may bode well for your fecundity: “The suggestion is that you will preside over a large family [and] the members of your family will bring you much happiness.” Who knew?

Bushy brows that look like the Chinese character for one (“一”)? How very prescient, what with the K-Beauty trend for thick and slightly tapered eyebrows. Talk about fortune-telling, eh.

Ready to ramp up your brow game? Simply grab your go-to pencil and use short, swift strokes to etch in the inner and outer ends of your brow, where the “baby” hairs are softer and paler. Buff and blend into the darker body of the brow so there’s no discernable demarcation between the two “types” of hair.

This subtle interplay between light and dark makes for a multidimensional, infinitely more natural-looking brow, while retaining the thickness that’s a hallmark of Korean-style eyebrows – and potential prosperity, if fengshui masters are to be believed.

Make this tiny tweak and see your prospects change before your very eyes. Have fun, and good luck!

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