mobile beautyA concept known as mobile beauty or “Moba Beau” in Japan is beginning to reach the West, with the proliferation of at-home laser treatment gadgets and high-tech, anti-wrinkle devices entering the marketplace in Europe and North America.

While electronic beauty and skin devices have been part of women’s daily skin routine in the East for some time, the trend is now beginning to reach the Western marketplace, particularly in Italy and Spain, says a new report from market research group Mintel.

In addition to professional-grade creams, lotions and potions, women are now being sold spa-grade equipment shrunken into portable, user-friendly devices for the female consumer at home.

For instance, global skincare analyst Nica Lewis points out in her report that Johnson & Johnson has just secured a patent for a new acne treatment device that uses a galvanic current to facilitate deep pore cleansing.

The process, known also as desincrustation, makes use of a continuous current and an alkaline solution to soften and emulsify oils and sebum.

Shiseido has also come out with an Ultrasonic Handy Mist in Asia that delivers serums into a hydrating micro-fine mist.

Western beauty labels like L’Oréal and P&G have also picked up the concept of beauty diagnostic tools popular in Asia, which allow women to snap detailed photos of their skin, upload the images to their computer and check for melanin patches, wrinkles and blemishes and track progress of their skin routine.

And European manufacturer Philips has developed laser and LED-based devices for at-home use which claim to help rejuvenate older, tired skin, reduce lines and smoothen skin. — AFP RELAXNEWS