I won’t lie; I had genuine concerns about this. I was terrified:

  • At the thought of a tiny needle tracing its way repeatedly over my eyelids, so close to my eyeball no less;
  • Of the pain; and that
  • The ink would fade into another colour — blue or green, like the old-school liner tattoos your grandmothers had — over time.

The main draw won out in the end though: shaving a good ten minutes (or fifteen, if I messed it up) off my morning regime, that’s usually undertaken through bleary eyes and with shaky hands.

One and a half months on, I’m happy to report that I did not go blind and it did not hurt. More importantly, the two-hour session was worth every second, because the semi-permanent eyeliner is still very apparent on my eyelids.

Pain level: On my imaginary scale of 10, a rib tattoo would sit at 4.5, childbirth at 10, and Browhaus’ Eye Define at 0.5. The reason for this is their completely amazing numbing cream.

The process started with the therapist conducting a short briefing on what to expect during the session and after care.

Then, she drew on my final look with eyeliner. At this point, I could modify shape and thickness. Don’t be afraid to do the same, because this is what you’re going to look like for a long time to come. They usually recommend a thinner line—which many will want to start with to err on the side of caution—but I wanted something thicker, to completely replace daily eyeliner.

Next, she applied a generous amount of numbing cream, covered my eyes with plastic wrap and left it to sit for about 20 minutes. I had strict instructions to keep my eyes close, to avoid any cream from accidentally going in.
Once my eyelids were well numbed, the tattoo process started, and went on for about an hour.

Browhaus Eye Define treatment NUMBINGGoing through the numbing process. IMAGE: Alisa Chopard

Needless to say, I was incredibly pleased with the result. The semi-permanent eyeliner defines the eyes well when they are open, and can not be seen when they are closed. It was also very much like the final product she drew on at the beginning of the session.

Overall, the healing process was quick. Granted, my right eye was slightly swollen after the treatment, but it gradually subsided after two days. Seven days later, and both eyes were completely healed, and my skin colour had returned to its normal hue.

Personally, I felt it was a really small price to pay. Just be aware that you should plan your time and appointments around the treatment if you do not want to be seen with a slightly swollen eyelid.

The semi-permanent eyeliner is still dark on my eyelids, and it has been about one and a half months. The colour has not faded to green or blue.

Browhaus Eye Define treatment FINISHED PRODUCTThe final result. IMAGE: Alisa Chopard

The great thing about Browhaus is that they give you a complimentary touch-up within three months of the first session to darken the eyeliner, if necessary. This is what they call a ‘Tune Up’, and should be undertaken only after your eye has completely healed (usually a full month after the first session). So, don’t worry if yours fades slightly within the first few months (as all tattoos do); Browhaus guarantees quality!

Overall, I have to say that this has probably got to be one of the best beauty-related decisions I’ve made thus far.

Browhaus Eye Define retails at $856 (upper eye-line), $642 (lower eye-line), and the Camera Kit Aftercare retails for $160.50. Eye Define tune-up sessions retail at $107. Eye Define is available at all Browhaus outlets. Go to www.browhaus.com/sg for a complete list of salons.

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