Michelle Phan’s pink magic! © MichellePhan

Is it overkill to say I’m completely obsessed with this hot hair hue? Calling it right now – when it comes to colour crazes, rose gold is the “hair” apparent to the somewhat played-out ombre fad. 

Kate Hudson getting her hair did – proud mother Goldie in the background! © Instagram

I’m not the only one raving over rose: There’s makeup princess Michelle Phan’s cotton candy coiffure, for one, not to mention Kate Hudson’s debut of a peachy pouf at the American Cinematheque 28th Annual Awards just last week. Then there’s the shock of sherbet-ey locks sported by the girls walking Marc Jacobs’ Autumn 2014 show – all proof that pale pink is where it’s at.

Muted rose gold was everything on the Marc Jacobs Autumn 2014 runway

Here’s why rose gold hair’s such a hit. Now, at first blush, pink might seem problematic to pull off, but depending on the lighting, it can read like a honey hue one way and a soft salmon the other.

This faceted quality means the dye job has the potential to be both incredibly fascinating and endlessly flattering across the entire skin spectrum – a cool complexioned chick should be able to rock a rose gold as well as a warm bronzed babe.

1 part copper, 1 part red, 1 part gold = Rose gold gorgeousness!

I know what you’re thinking: Will this work on dark hair? Sure, this strawberry blonde shade shines brightest on golden-haired girls, but if you’re currently a deep brunette or even black, you should be able to achieve a coppery chestnut hue.

Intrigued and raring to give rose gold a go? In a happy case of synchronicity, L’Oréal Paris has rolled out a new Excellence Fashion Auburn Range of at-home colourants. The carefully calibrated cocktail of red, copper and gold dyes means you get a multidimensional mane, and a beautifying boost of amino acids and collagen helps to fortify your follicles and amplify shine.

Of course, pretty as they are, it bears repeating that pale primrose and pastel peaches are notoriously short-lived and will wash out in a couple of months, so if there’s any time to reach for rose gold, it’s right now, just in time for the year-end festive fetes. Have fun letting your hair down!

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Auburn Range in Intense Warm Auburn and Intense Golden Auburn, $18.90 each, is available at Watsons, Guardian and selected supermarkets and departmental stores. For more information, visit loreal-paris.com.sg and follow the brand on Facebook.