Having been on a DIY roll these past weekends, I’m pleased as punch to say I may have hit upon a miracle beauty worker – and it involves taking your own sweet time at mixing your own masks (or MYOM, as a fellow jocular journo puts it.)

Want in on this “slow skin” movement? We’re taking Origins’ incredibly intriguing Ritualitea Powder Face Mask, $68 each, as a jumping-off point. Offered in a quartet of face-friendly formulas, my fave has got to be the amusingly alliterative Matcha Madness, a beautifying brew of top-notch tea of the green variety that’s amplified with antioxidant actives for a gorgeous glow.

Now, beauty buffs will doubtless be aware that green tea – and indeed, tea of any tint – is packed with potent polyphenols that have been shown to be able to sop up harmful radiation from solar rays, making it a useful adjunct to your daily dose of sunscreen. (Disclaimer: Even if you’re drowning yourself in tea, topical or otherwise, be sure to exercise a healthy degree of caution when you’re out in the blazing heat and always wear sunscreen, please!)

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As for the product proper, this rinse-off concoction whips itself up into a fine froth that’s just fantastic at flushing out the day’s dirt and debris. This scented salve is also redolent with the tang of tea and ridiculously relaxing to the senses, too – a big beauty bonus in my books!

And thanks to the extra helping of hydration, my cheeks are supple and springier than ever, and I feel like it tacks on the appearance of a good eight hours of sleep to nights when I’m hardly getting any.

But how on earth do you apply this? Only one way to find out: Get your Nigella Lawson on and click “play” on the video below for an almost embarrassingly easy step-by-step tutorial. Have fun feeding your face!

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