You’ve been eating clean, training mean and basically doing everything ‘right’ to achieve the body of your dreams and yet, no matter how heavy you lift or how far you sprint, you can’t seem to drop those stubborn inches parked annoyingly around your midsection. But before you put in even more hours at the gym or cut more calories (which can be dangerous), you should know that some people are just genetically predisposed to storing fat, particularly around the abdomen area. Like how some people have the ability to burn off an entire bucket of fried chicken just by walking up a flight of stairs, some of us just store fat like we’re in for a long, cold winter.

Truth: life isn’t always fair, which is why we’re so fortunate that technology these days is advanced enough to triumph certain aspects of biology. Enter Inch Vanquish, a fat destroying treatment offered by Prive Aesthetics that also happens to be the only treatment available in the market that is suitable to literally all body types, regardless of your BMI (most treatments require you to have a BMI that is less than 30). Fat doesn’t discriminate, and luckily for us, neither does this treatment.

Contour your body with science

Utilising a contactless panel, the Inch Vanquish treatment creates a high-frequency selective RF™ energy field that targets broad areas of fat deposits by selectively heating adipose tissue. This process leads to fat cell shrinkage and eventually, permanent elimination. TLDR? Fat cells are gone for good. It is a first-of-its-kind treatment that is able to treat a larger area than other treatments in the market. It is next generation fat reduction at its finest, providing natural-looking results for those looking to reduce their tummy fat and love handles. Given the large area Inch Vanquish is able to treat during a single session, it makes this treatment extremely affordable too.

No pain, all the gains

Did we mention that aside from being wallet-friendly, this treatment is also virtually painless – you merely feel a warm sensation in the treated areas that may last for several hours post therapy. Unlike other invasive treatments like liposuction, this one requires absolutely no down time as the technology is based on the elevation of fat temperature, meaning there is no risk of skin unevenness or lines of demarcation.

Oh and, the treatment is performed while you are lying down, so if you’re looking to blast some fat during your lunch hour that doesn’t involve sweating it out at the gym while getting a little R&R, look no further. PS: a recent study published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology showed clinical proof of an average circumferential reduction of 4.93cm across 40 subjects.

Minimal commitment, maximum results

Unlike your 3 times per week gym sessions, this treatment only requires 4 treatments scheduled a week apart for optimal results, but even this can easily be customised to suit your schedule and needs! Of course, results differ across individual patients and lifestyle habits, but on average, you should be able to see changes 2-3 weeks after the first treatment when the body starts to naturally eliminate the disrupted fat cells. Prive Aesthetics’ friendly consultants will arrange for a complimentary body analysis to ensure you are getting exactly the treatment you need, based on your unique lifestyle and dietary habits.

Learn more about Prive Aesthetics Inch Vanquish treatment here. You can enjoy your first trial price at just $250 by contacting them at +65 9656 5380 or dropping them an email at