Ok, so these days, facials are so mainstream, everyone from socialites to acne-plagued teenagers get them pretty regularly. If you want to try something a little different, how about a vajacial? That’s a facial for your vajayjay or bikini area.

Photo: 123rf

Now, that’s a pretty drastic departure from an everyday facial, or even spa treatments like body massages, scrubs and wraps, wouldn’t you say?

A vajacial is as awkward as getting a bikini wax or IPL hair removal, only about 10 times more uncomfortable because it basically takes a longer time.

Brazilian waxing specialist STRIP recently launched a new vajacial – the Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment. Touted as a facelift for your bikini area, the treatment uses a Thermal O2 machine, which combines radio frequency, vacuum suction and heat energy to firm, plump and smoothen your nether regions. It supposedly also provides a natural blush effect to the bikini area.

The treatment should be done on hair-free skin and can be performed immediately post waxing or IPL. First, the entire bikini area is cleaned with a wet wipe, then a cooling gel is applied before the therapist uses the hand-piece of the machine on your skin. This has a gentle suction effect and a warming sensation and is passed over the skin repeatedly for about 10 minutes.

The machine is only applied to the hair-bearing areas of skin, the labia majora, and isn’t supposed to touch the inner labia. The machine heats the skin tissue, which activates collagen fibres creating an immediate tightening and lifting effect. Meanwhile the suction effect supposedly improves circulation which results in a natural blush effect.

After the treatment with the Thermal O2 machine, a cooling and hydrating mask is applied to soothe your lady bits and while the mask works its magic, your tummy’s treated to a 10-minute Thermal Shape firming treatment using the same machine, but with a bigger hand-held applicator head. A nice bonus.

Now for vajacial newbies, here are four things you can do while getting the treatment done.


Chat with your therapist

Yes, just pretend you’re not uncomfortable at all. Your therapist will definitely be totally cool with it.  After all, it’s her job and she’s probably done it so often she doesn’t feel it’s awkward anymore. Most experienced therapists will breezily strike up a conversation with you while doing the bikini treatments and before you know it, you’ll feel more at ease than you expected.


Check out your social media accounts on your mobile

Hang on to your phone during the treatment and take the opportunity to scroll through Instagram or check out what’s happening on Facebook. Just a note though, your arms will probably get tired holding the phone up to your face so take breaks in between.


Take a nap

You may just surprise yourself by catching 40 winks while your vajacial is underway. Depends on how tired you are. STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment is actually quite soothing, no tugging or pain at all, so you might be lulled to sleep.


Listen to your music

If you’d rather be left alone and not speak to the therapist, you can always bring your earphones and tune in to your music while your therapist works. Just give her a heads up and say “I’ll be plugged in during this treatment,” and it’s most likely that she won’t bother you throughout the session.


STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation is available at selected STRIP outlets (Paragon Shopping Centre #05-08A and Wheelock Place #05-04), $250 for 40 mins. A package of 8 treatment sessions is also available at $1,600.