different beauty uses for milk - exfoliating cleansing milk singapore

#1 Take a milk bath

Add some milk into the water before taking a bath. It’ll help to give you baby soft skin. Plus, soaking in milk can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots too!

#2 Cleanse and moisturise

Soak cotton rounds into milk and apply directly onto your face. Milk thoroughly cleanses your face and mositurises it at the same time. If you have dry and sensitive skin, using milk as your daily cleanser is a great option because it’s gentle on the skin too.

#3 Soothe sun burns

Ran out of aloe vera gel? Soak your towel into cold milk before compressing it onto the affected area. It has a soothing effect with anti-inflammatory properties as well.

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#4 Treat your hair

Have dry hair? Massage milk onto your scalp and the ends of your tresses. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing off to get softer and silkier hair. Leave the milk in your hair for a longer time if you want to get straighter hair.

#5 An exfoliator

Milk makes a great exfoliator that’s gentle on your skin. If you want more texture, try adding some oats.

#6 Heal cracked heels

Prolonged standing and walking in heels can cause painfully cracked heels. Make your own foot soak with warm milk and honey. It’ll help to soften the dry and hard skin.


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