And just like that, it’s December, and the festive season is in full swing. With parties, reunions, cocktail nights and romantic escapades lined up for the last month of the decade (can you believe it?), you’ll hardly have time to play catch up to your beauty resolutions. 

Thankfully, a single hour of SW1 Clinic’s non-invasive aesthetic treatments can reverse months – or even years – of neglect. And you won’t even have to reschedule any of your party plans.

Acne SOS

With your social calendar so full, the festive season is the worst time for acne to make an appearance. Resist the urge to pick at your zits – you might leave permanent scars! Instead, banish them with Pimple ER, short for “Emergency Remedy”. 

This three-step therapy accelerates acne healing with a microinjection, clarifies skin with BBL Forever Clear Light, and reduces swelling with dermal healing products. You’ll no longer have to mask angry zits with a conspicuous layer of concealer.

Eye Area SOS 

There is only so much concealers can do to camouflage hereditary dark eye circles made worse by back-to-back late nights. What’s worse, as we age, skin loses elasticity and the ability to regenerate, exacerbating the problem.

Revitalift Eye boosts your skin’s hyaluronic acid content and collagen production with microinjections. In 30 minutes, it brightens dark eye circles, fills out under-eye hollows, and reduces the look of fine lines and crepey skin, breathing life into a tired-looking eye area. 

Sagging Skin SOS 

Even the best 10-step skincare routine won’t instantly lift sagging skin. Try Ulthera, a 60-minute ultrasound-based treatment that delivers low levels of focused heat into the skin to rev up skin’s healing response and collagen production. 

If you feel a warm prickly sensation, it means skin regeneration has already begun. Immediately after the session, your skin will look firmer and tighter, and over the next two to three months, you should see a lifted jawline, cheeks and brows; less visible wrinkles; as well as smoother and more even skin.


Let your puckers steal the spotlight. By that, we don’t mean wearing the loudest lip colour. Lip Fillers are a more elegant way to accentuate your lips. With a few injections of natural hyaluronic acid, your lips can be rehydrated, reshaped and volumised within 45 minutes.

The best part: This treatment is entirely customised for you. Whether you simply want your pair to look younger, wish to accentuate your Cupid’s bow, or prefer more voluptuous smackers, your SW1 doctor can design something to last for six to nine months.

Instant Contouring SOS

Forget complicated Youtube makeup tutorials – you don’t need an arsenal of brushes, creams and powders, and 30 minutes each morning to create stunning cheekbones and a gorgeous V-shaped face. Infinity Instalift uses fine facial threads to support and accentuate facial features within an hour, with long-lasting results.

Customised for your face, this treatment will lift sagging skin, define jowls, elevate brows, open up the eyes and reduce the look of fine lines. After a few months, the bio-absorbable threads will gradually dissolve, while stimulating a matrix of supporting collagen to take their place for the most natural-looking facelift possible. 

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