Braids at Fendi
Braids have been a major look for 2012 and the trend is showing no sign of abating.

The Fall/Winter 12/13 shows were awash with pretty plaits as well as tougher looking twists.

But the standout braided look was that of the Fendi loops created by hair stylist extraordinaire Sam McKnight.

“It’s a dark, Nordic look,” the hairdresser said of the style, describing the look as, “almost Victorian, not fairy-tale.”

If the fashion-forward look appeals but you’d prefer a more everyday version, there are plenty of ways to take inspiration from the runway.

Here’s how to create easy looped rope-inspired braids.

1. Section off hair as you would for a braid. This means you can part down the middle to have two ropes, leave it un-parted for one large rope, or make ponytails first before beginning ropes.

2. For each section, divide hair into two equal strands. Twist both strands a half-turn clockwise. Wrap the right strand anti-clockwise around left strand once (in other words, put the right strand on the left, just make sure you pass it in front of the left strand, not behind it).

3. Twist both strands a half-turn clockwise. Wrap the new right piece around the new left piece by passing it in front of the new left piece again. Continue the pattern of twist-wrap, twist-wrap until you reach the end.

4. Secure with an elastic. © Cover Media