Try Singapore beauty blogger Jazzy Tan's soft winged eyeliner look! B1.png

Call this tutorial a “swee” Singaporean take on the perfectly pretty and ultra Ulzzang look.

(Note for the uninitiated: Ulzzang is Kool Korean street slang for bloggers with the “best face”. You learn something new every day!)

Translation: This look is fresh, fun and fabulous – just like our #MakeupModel of the moment, Jazzy Tan.

(Incidentally, she’s also one of the sterling Singapore reps in the upcoming Hunger Games-style Beauty Bound Asia on YouTube contest; expect lashings of mascara and death by cosmetics. Go, Jazzy!)     

In any case, there are a ton of top tips to be picked up here, starting with Jazzy’s “palette-able” way of pressing in some black powder eyeshadow in the outer corners for a sumptuously satiny cat-eye.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for a “hard” graphic line, but Jazzy’s softly smoked interpretation makes for a most fabulous feline flick; the sexy swoosh at the outer edges will give downturned eyes a beguiling bedroom effect.

Plus it’s so simple to pull off, too. Per Jazzy, grab your go-to gel eyeliner and start two-thirds the way in to where you want your “tick” to end. After you’ve reached the tail end of your line, work backwards to the inner eye again to thicken the line, gently sweeping your pencil nub in a windscreen wiping motion. This delicate diffusion of colour creates a soft wash that’s very Korean indeed. 

Try Singapore beauty blogger Jazzy Tan's soft winged eyeliner look! B2.png

Then there’s Jazzy’s neat trick of “tracing” the socket to get all of the drama of a traditional smoky eye without the smudges you risk when “smoking” the entire lid. Incredibly ingenious and well worth sussing out; fast-forward to 3:36 to see what I mean.

The only quibble I have with this look? The overloading of bronzer, which is “way overboard” (her words, not mine!) – although I’m all for piling on the highlighting powder the way she does. Not sure which areas to highlight? The secret to great-looking skin is knowing where to direct your audience’s attention: Where to “place” the light, essentially. That means any area where light hits: Think cheekbones, nose-bridge, cupid’s bow and a tiny bit on the temples.

The coup de grâce, for me at least, must surely be the very Kylie Jenner-esque lip – because hey, anyone who knows anything about me will know that I’m the massive fan of that woman’s makeup wardrobe.

End result? Cafe au lait puckers paired with a smooth chocolate eye. Yummy. Click play on the video and get in on the action – and while you’re at it, feel free to bookmark herworldPLUS’ YouTube channel, which has a pretty great collection of makeup how-tos, if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy!

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