Try this K-Beauty trick to look younger with smaller pores, overnight!

Suffering the sallow after-effects of one too many all-nighters? I swear by this Korean beauty ‘miracle’ for fending off fatigue, puffiness and pores; odds are it’ll work wonders for your skin as well

Try this K-Beauty trend to look younger with smaller pores overnight! SONG HYE KYO B.png

Sleepless in Singapore? Get this, stat

Occupational hazard: Sheepish mates sidling up to me mid-meal, requesting “a quick word” on this or that skincare brand.

While I’m no grooming god with all the answers, my facial mask recommendation has always remained remarkably consistent: You’ve got to suss out Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask ($42 for 70ml) – especially since it’s now souped up and swankier than ever.

Yes, yes, if it ain’t broke and all that, but take it from me: I’ve had first dibs on reviewing said sleeping mask’s recent reformulation straight from Seoul, and after sleeping on it, so to speak, for a meticulous month or so, I’m happy to report that my skin is pretty much as poreless, porcelain and perfect as it can possibly get. (Shameless, I know.)

Try this K-Beauty trend to look younger with smaller pores overnight! Water Sleeping Mask.png

Raring to give this a go but leery of incompatibility issues? You’re a choice candidate if you’re a cubicle conscript clocking obscene hours in the office.

Or take it from Kayla Jeong, Laneige’s senior vice president: “Our target markets are young women with busy lifestyles, and we want to help them care for their skin with the little sleep they have.” So that means just about every one of you ladies reading this right now, then.

What’s in it for you, exactly? "The Water Sleeping Mask helps busy women who do not have time for a skincare routine to improve their skin condition while they sleep,” says Lee Yun Ha, director of Amorepacific’s Singapore Research & Innovation Centre. Titillating translation: Got Laneige? No sleep, don’t care.

What’s it like in practice?

Try this K-Beauty trend to look younger with smaller pores overnight! WATER SLEEPING MASK SMEAR.png

Now, speaking as a Zzz-deprived java junkie who’s entirely dependent on my daily joe to function, I can attest to the product’s provocative promise of simulating presentable skin on paltry sleep.

For starters, the fifth-gen Water Sleeping Mask’s cool consistency is supremely sumptuous to the touch. I’d say a creamy agar-agar is the closest approximation – perfect for patting on over your serums and such. Props to the fine folks toiling away at Amorepacific’s R&D division for absolutely nailing it, texture-wise!   

Amped up with an arsenal of antioxidant actives like hydrating Hunza apricot and evening primrose, this juicy jelly has been an utter godsend in placating puffiness and shrinking pores – essentially any and every cosmetic concern.

Try this K-Beauty trend to look younger with smaller pores overnight! LANEIGE Singapore.png

Big beauty bonus: The product more than passes the smell test. Slapping on this subtly scented salve – think mellow moscato mixed with chilled cantaloupe – is ridiculously relaxing, especially when it’s hot as blazes outside.

Bottomline? I’ve torpedoed my way through two tubs and counting of this near-magical multi-tasking balm, and won’t be letting up anytime soon. Because hey, anything that allows me to go  from lethargic and lacklustre to divine and dewy literally overnight is #DieDieMustBuy in my books.

Cheers to complexion that's bouncy and buoyant like a firm fishball, eight hours of sleep be damned!

Psst. Want more? You may want to look up Laneige’s luscious new Lip Sleeping Mask ($27), the sexy sister sidekick to the K-Beauty brand’s equally exceptional Water Sleeping Mask. Oh, and load up on lithesome Laneige lad Song Jae Lim, who’s an easy contender for #BestBoyfriendEver. Have fun Seoul searching!