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Image: Clio

Of all the steps in my everyday makeup routine, I struggle the most with my eyebrows. Even though they’re relatively thick, they’ve got gaps that need to be filled in. The left brow is also more arched than the right one, which requires a little bit of strategic shading to make them appear more even.

It’s easy to think that having to do this every day makes the action an instinctive one, rather than it being a process that requires a slightly higher degree of concentration than let’s say, drawing a thin eyeliner line or coating my lashes with mascara, but it’s not. Sometimes, even after repeatedly wiping off the line I’ve drawn, I still can’t get it right.

Call me picky and paranoid, but even with this, I am against the idea of getting my brows tattooed. It’s the irrational fear of spending a large amount of money to have them end up looking worse than it would on a bad day.

So imagine how apprehensive – yet curious – I was to try Korean makeup brand Clio’s Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, which is a double-ended brow marker and mascara that tints the skin and holds hair in place.

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Earth Brown Soft Brown Eyebrow Tattoo Embroidery semi-permanent.png

Apparently, the tint is caused by a natural plant-based ingredient that reacts with amino acids in the skin to create a natural “tan” on the brows, similar to your natural brow colour. With repeated use over two or three days, the stained brows are said to last up to a week.

My first try wasn’t a very pleasant one. I used the marker over a matte powder foundation and it ended up picking up the powder pigments, instead of tinting my skin; the colour would just not show up. But with the advice of the friendly folks over at Clio, I tried it on my bare skin after applying sunscreen; you can do the same with a liquid-type base product too.

This time, it was much easier. With every stroke of the marker, my brows were tinted slightly less than half a shade darker of my natural skin tone, which is convenient as it is easy to clean off any mistakes. As makeup artist Larry Yeo suggested during Clio’s media presentation, I took a cotton bud to swipe off any stray marks while the product was still wet on my skin. Once it sets after a minute or so however, it won’t budge.

Then I went on to do the rest of my makeup routine, before finishing off with the brow mascara on the other end. It helped to soften the look of my brows.

When I removed the product at night with an oil cleanser, the tint stayed, giving my brows a full but natural look. My brows still look the same after three days, except that it is now easier to use an eyebrow pencil over whenever I feel like I need a little bit more definition or fullness. According to Clio, the tint will fade within the next week if I do not continue to use the product because of the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

So if you share the same fear as I do of eyebrow procedures but still want the convenience of not having to put too much thought into drawing your eyebrows every day, this will definitely come in handy. Plus, it comes at a budget-friendly price of $23.90 – sounds like quite a steal to me.

Available in two shades at selected Watsons stores.

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