How to wear berry lipstick the right way without looking old B.png

Here’s a quick and dirty tip that’ll produce fun and fizzy results. I’m talking about switching things up come sundown for a surprisingly sexy spin on the matte berry lip.

The trick to making berry lippies hot again is to go against grain and get back to gloss. Sure, an austere aubergine can come off as deeply strong and very womanly, but a “wet” wine stain comes complete with a ton of youthful zip and zest. Translation: It’ll go down well with both your man and your Mum.

For some #LipInspo, take your cue from gorgeous G-Dragon paramour Kiko Mizuhara, who’s rocking a brilliantly executed berry lip that’s a far cry from the somewhat matronly matte finish we tend to associate said colour with.

Also instructive is the savvy shade on her smackers: Instead of blackberry, gun for refreshing raspberry or punchy pomegranate; that is, a little more on the pink side of the spectrum.

Okay, we’re not going to lie: Pulling off a strong lip demands a certain amount of gut. You’re bound to attract stares, so make sure your look-at-me puckers are sending the right message. You don’t want attention to be drawn to creases and crinkles, so moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

How to wear berry lipstick the right way without looking old Shiseido B.png

When you’re all balm-ed up, hew to the cosmetics equivalent of the legs-or-cleavage rule: Choose to play up your lips or your eyes, not both. Just a pale pastel or taupe wash over the entire socket will do; the aim is to gussy up your peepers just enough so your face doesn’t come off as bottom-heavy.

Now for the pillowy protagonists of the show. There are literally hundreds of suitors vying for your attention on the market –  I’m partial to Shiseido Maquillage’s Dramatic Melting Rouge in Innocent Glamor or Cle de Peau Beaute’s Extra Rich Lipstick in 108, but you do you – so swatch copiously at the cabin and only settle for a satiny strawberry shade that you think looks good on you.

Some final bits and bobs: To get the fruity goodness to stay put on your puckers through dinner and beyond, try shellacking your entire mouth with a creamy pencil base in a complementary shade before applying your lippie of choice. The pencil will “grab” your lipstick’s pigments much like a facial primer would. Now, go out there and paint the town berry!