Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie regularly wows on the red carpet, with everything from her wardrobe choices to her glowing complexion. Those close to Angelina say one of the reasons her skin is always so flawless is thanks to a £15,000 (that’s S$32,000!) facial treatment that feels like raindrops on the skin.

COVER MEDIA Angelina Jolie loves her rain facial DECOR

“People call it a facial but it’s actually a non-invasive laser treatment,” Dr. David Colbert, who created the facial, told British magazine Grazia. Dr Colbert is based in New York and has an A-List clientele that boasts the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts. While he won’t confirm what treatments his clients have done, Dr Colbert has worked with Angelina Jolie in the past and first met her on the set of Salt in 2009.

Speaking about the Triad facial, he explained how the procedure feels. “First we prep skin with microdermabrasion, so the laser penetrates better. Then we use a laser, which feels like warm raindrops on the skin. After that we do a lavender acid exfoliation, then apply gentle wave lights,” he revealed.

“The treatment takes about 35 minutes for the face or one hour for the whole body – we usually treat the arms and legs, the bits that will be on show. Most of our stars will have it before any big event – the Emmys or Oscars. People who are regularly in the media will come in monthly or every other month.”

But Dr Colbert was quick to point out that most celebrities don’t need to rely on clever facial treatments, as many of them are lucky enough to be naturally gifted with great skin. “They’re blessed with beautiful skin and they are smart enough to know how to look after it,” he smiled.

You too can try Angelina’s favourite Triad Facial at IYAC Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic which is part of Dr Colbert’s New York Dermatology Group and Colbert MD, located at One Orchard Boulevard #06-03, Camden Medical Centre, Tel: 6738 9989. The price quoted in this story is based on the New York clinic procedure. Contact the Singapore clinic for the cost here. For more information on the procedure, go to www.iyac.com.sg/colbert-md-triad-red-carpet-facial.