Try this 15-second trick for smaller pores and a V-shaped face!

Take it from a hedonistic hard partier (that’d be yours truly) who pulls off uh, perfect skin every workday: The secret is a tall tumbler of icy toner water. (And yes, “toner” water, not tonic.)

Here’s the hangover recipe you never knew you needed. My beauty hack requires the most perfunctory prep the night before. Decant the tiniest bit of toner into water straight from the tap – I’d say approximately one to five, proportions-wise – then give everything a good stir before chucking your container into the fridge. Done? Good, you’re free to shuffle off to bed.

The morning after, simply step out of the shower and dunk your clean face into the deliciously cold brew, then caress the contours for 15 seconds or so. (Pay special heed to the cheek and jowl areas, where most of the sagging and bagging occurs.)

The result? You’ll see an instant depuffing effect, alongside a reduction in ruddiness, pore size and such – essentially any and every cosmetic concern.

How does all of this work? Let me explain. You may be aware that irritated post-party facial bloatedness (“erythema” in derm-speak) is due to the dilation of pores and blood vessels on the skin’s surface. To dial back the blotchiness, you’ll need to shrink said pores and vessels, which is where the cool liquid comes into play. (And sceptics out there: I have science to back me up on this!)

Wait, why not use plain ol’ toner, “neat” out of the bottle? Besides the (pun alert) cool factor, there’s also the inconvenient fact that most toner-type products are quite dear on the purse. It’s also really shiok to be able to use as much of this watered down (but still pretty darn effective) solution as you like; carefully dispensing one measly drop of toner on a sorry square of cotton pad is not the way to live, guys.

Want to be the ultimate budget Barbie? Skip the toner altogether and splash off with water spiked with cucumber slices instead. 

So this trick helps to shrink your pores, slenderise your face and stretch your dollar. What’s not to love? Share this story with your beauty buddies and stay forever young, pretty people!