Tried and Tested Scotch Naturals Seaboard nail polishWHAT: Scotch Naturals nail polish, polish remover and top coat have all been created to be as non-toxic as possible.

Created for the health-conscious, this American nail polish is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, has no formaldehyde, no endocrine disruptor Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), no reproductive toxin Toluene and no industrial grade solvents like butyl and ethyl acetates or fd&c colors including petrochemical lake and coal tars.

The formula is water-based and is said to produce the same results as usual nail varnishes. Scotch Naturals Single Scotch nail polish is available in 28 shades.

Tried and Tested Scotch Naturals Blood and SandThe Scotch Naturals on the Rocks Top Coat is also completely non-toxic and helps protect nails from scratches while adding extra shine. The Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover can take off both water-based and solvent-based nail polishes and is also non-toxic.

The Scotch Naturals natural nail care range including the Scotch Naturals Single Scotch nail polish, $22.90; Scotch Naturals on the Rocks Top Coat, $22.90 and Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover, $18.90, is available from and Nourish Naturally at 215C Upper Thomson Road, Tel: 6458 3286.

REVIEW: The Scotch Naturals natural nail care range has been created for women who are really concerned about their general health, toxic substances in the environment and those who may be sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in many nail products.

Tried and Tested Scotch Naturals Charmer nail polishI’m not one of these women, however the side-benefit of stain-free nails after using dark colours did interest me. And as the Scotch Naturals polishes are water-based, the side benefit of no toxic “polish” smell was also welcome.

Like many all-natural products, using Scotch Naturals for the first time was never going to be a perfect experience; it’s like trying to use henna to correct chemically dyed hair, it just doesn’t work.

With the Scotch Naturals nail polishes there’s a similar trade off; if you are used to perfect chip-free nails for a week or so, the first time you use this product you’ll be disappointed. Because your nails need recover from the damage of the more chemical products they can’t “grab” the colours as well, so the manicure disappears in a few days – in my case practically overnight.

Mind you, the pedicure using the Scotch Naturals has lasted for ages and ages ironically enough.

Still, despite the lack of staying power, I tried my hand at applying the Scotch Naturals myself and found that on second and third usage I got more value before the chipping and flaking began.

Realistically however, deciding to use a product like Scotch Naturals is about more than lasting power or chipping, it’s about a choice for a less toxic lifestyle or a choice imposed by pregnancy or health issues. And for those reasons alone, using Scotch Naturals seems like the perfect choice.

Rating: 3.5/5