What: Maybelline’s latest offering featuring mineral foundation with a unique applicator. The Micro-Corrector is termed as an advanced applicator, said to be specifically designed for Asian women to layer their foundation to achieve natural coverage.

The eraser-like Micro-Corrector is also said to contain millions of microfibres, allow the foundation to reach lines, wrinkles and deep pores at a microscopic level to attain perfectly even coverage.

The foundation is described as lightweight, while the mineral-based oil absorber is said to guarantee a natural, velvet-smooth look all day.

Maybelline Pure Mineral Eraser retails for $27.90 and is available in six shades from October 2012 onwards at Guardian, Sa Sa, Watsons, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores.

Review: Anything with the word “eraser” makes one think of makeup that can work wonders in no time. Imagine “erasing” all the flaws that you have on your face in a jiffy. Sounds like a dream come true, no?

Which was exactly why I was extremely excited to give Maybelline’s new Pure Mineral Eraser Liquid Foundation a go.

The highlight of this foundation, is the eraser-like applicator, termed Micro-Corrector.

The rounded sponge-like contraption is supposed to work like an eraser, almost like those at the end of your pencils (albeit a very huge one), and when you start gliding it over your skin, liquid foundation will ooze out to “cover” up your flaws.

I appreciated the fact that I don’t have to use my bacteria-laden hands to apply the foundation. The round sponge worked well on the skin and I liked the fact that it was soft to the touch and not harsh like a cheap makeup brush.

The dial on the bottle also meant that you could control the amount of foundation that you need.

The formula was lightweight and did not feel heavy on my skin, and the texture was also perfect for layering. This meant that I could wear just one layer on weekends when I wanted sheer coverage, two layers for work on weekdays and maybe just a tad more when I am heading out for a night event.

Although the foundation was a liquid based one, it turned into a velvety soft finish once applied, so my skin appeared soft and smooth, mattifying all the grease off my face at once, making it a dream to wear in this climate.

The only gripe I have about this? The applicator does leave some streaks on your face or in certain crevices, so at times, you will still have to end up using your fingers to blend it in.