TRIED  TESTED Kiwi Slim natural slimming solutionWHAT: Kiwi Slim capsules are a fruit-based natural slimming aid from New Zealand that’s designed to “block and eliminate” calories from your system.

First, Kiwi Slim aims to “limit the absorption of calories” with natural ingredients like White Kidney Bean and Garcinia Cambogia – a fruit popular in traditional Ayurvedic medicine – that work to “block the uptake of excess fat, sugar, and carbohydrates”.

Aloe Vera extract and kiwi fruit extract then stimulate your body to eliminate waste and detoxify. Kiwi fruit is known to have metabolism boosting properties and it is fibre rich, this is supposed to help flush “toxins” from the body.

Kiwi is also said to help your body balance its water content which can assist in reducing bloating and puffiness.

Kiwi Slim is available exclusively at Guardian Health & Beauty stores for $88 for 60 softgel capsules. For a complete list of stores, go to:

REVIEW: Everyone is looking for a little assistance in helping keep their weight down, so a natural and easy option like popping a Kiwi Slim pill is appealing. You take four capsules twice a day and, of course, are supposed to use them in conjunction with a calorie reduced diet and exercise.

While I didn’t change my diet or exercise program – not that I actually have either of those – I did notice reduced bloating after having used the Kiwi Slim for around two weeks.

You certainly notice the “elimination” part of the process. During the first few days of use you’ll find yourself examining the walls of your bathroom in some detail; however it’s not uncontrollable.

I did notice that this intense elimination did slow down and eventually stop after a few week’s use.

Did Kiwi Slim help me lose weight? Not entirely. However it certainly stopped me from putting on more weight and it did assist with bloating, particularly around the tummy area so if this is an issue for you, I’d recommend giving Kiwi Slim a try.