Travel 2013: 7 summer hairstyles to beat the haze

These celebrity hairstyles will inspire you to travel and beat the haze in style this summer.


While it’s unfortunate that our summer here in Singapore has been marred by the onset of the haze (and even hail!), there’s still no excuse to let ourselves go and look drab for the season.

And since we can’t beat the haze, we might as well make the best of it. The recommended N95 masks may be super uncomfortable and may have the tendency to leave strap indents on your hair – thus messing it up or making us look dishevelled - we can still do our best to work around it.

We’ve checked out the latest summer hair trends and picked out seven of the best hairstyles for the season. Not only do they work perfectly even when you’re sporting the N95, they look super chic as well. So give it a go and take a leaf out of these celebs’ headturning dos.