Obsession du jour: Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion BB All Day Wear Liquid Compact SPF50/PA+++, $68

Quick, beauty pop quiz: Which is better, rubbing or patting in your cushion compact? Answer: Both are perfectly acceptable. It’s all contingent on the level of coverage you’re coveting – an #IWokeUpLikeThis nude look; precision spot correction for pesky pimples; or polished perfection for a big night out. Your choice!

Even better, you can mix and match different formulas and switch between techniques when applying your cushion, depending on the results you’re gunning for. Try these tricks on for size, stat:

1. Sheer it out with a serum. Try your hand at being a makeup mixologist with this custom cocktail recipe: A dollop each of a skin-quenching serum and a watery moisturiser, mixed onto the back of your hand into a lovely light lotion. If you’re oily-complexioned, layering a silky serum under your cushion will provide a translucent radiance without too much shine.

Massage your salve of choice onto your bare face, then use your puff to pat on your cushion. Doing so should afford you that elusive balance between natural-looking coverage and dewiness that won’t settle into fine lines to boot. Just one practical application tip: To prevent pilling, always give your face some time after each step to fully absorb each layer before adding the next.

2. The wetter, the better. If your puff is starting to feel a little parched to the touch, dampen it by dispensing a drop of liquid highlighter directly into the cushion. This rehydrated formula is fabulous for lending light to specific focal points on your face: Think brow bone, cheeks and chin.

3. Make a sweeping statement. How you apply your cushion is arguably as important as what formulation you choose. To wit, here’s a cardinal cushion rule: A clean sweep equals lighter coverage, so opt for soft sweeping strokes to blend your puff outwards if you want to nail an ultra-natural look.

Oh, and you should never use the puff to pat randomly all over the face, because your complexion will end up looking terribly blotchy. Note to self: One should never apply your BB cushion as if it were blotting paper! Instead, glide your way to a gorgeous glow by starting from the centre of your face, sweeping upwards and outwards towards the jaw and hairline. This gentle graduation blurs out any discernible demarcation between your face and decolletage, which is always a good thing!

4. Indulge in some heavy “patting”. Fancy a fuller finish? Scrap the sweeping motions and indulge in a little heavy patting instead. If you want complete coverage that doesn’t look too “forced”, pat a thin layer all over your face, then go back in and focus on areas of concern, such as around the nose and mouth. This targeted second coat is essentially doubling up as a concealer of sorts, quick’n’dirty style!

5. Brush up on the basics. Want to take your cushion compact to the next level? A brush is best for precision coverage. Simply pick up a tiny bit of product using the tip of your brush, then dot onto offending spots and blend outwards to blur the boundary between blemish and surrounding skin. Easy-peasy. No creases and crinkles after a night of gallivanting, too, from my experience.

Right, then. As it turns out, there’s more than one way to skin a cat – and more than one way to use your BB cushion. Talk about different strokes for different folks. Good luck, and have fun!