Top 5 highest ranked pore minimising treatments

Obsessed over oversized pores? You’re in luck, ladies: We’ve stumbled upon a nifty numbers-crunching site which says that this is the best blackhead-banishing balm right now (plus the next four rounding out the top five, if you’re super kiasu like that.)

Here’s how it works. Rank & Style’s algorithm aggregates and cross-references customer reviews, editors’ endorsements and plain ol’ buzz in the virtual community to come up with its lists, and their “winner” for the top blackhead treatment is – drumroll, please – Glamglow’s SuperMud Clearing Treatment.

The other four blackhead treatments are also incredibly impressive and well worth sussing out; here they are in ascending order, from fifth to second-best: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel; Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner; St. Ives’ Blemish Control Apricot Scrub; and Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser.

Top 5 highest ranked pore minimising treatments GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD.png

But back to numero uno. Are we surprised by the top pick? Not really, to be honest; the hugely hyped Glamglow brand name has its fair share of supporters in our neck of the woods. Supermud’s impressive ingredients list also reads like a who’s who of skincare superheroes: Exfoliants like glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids; mattifying mineral clay and a curated botanical blend of calming chamomile, cucumber and licorice root.

Then there are the reams upon reams of rave reviews. Sample snippet from one Hunnyhive on Sephora: “Of course nothing works like a facial, but for an at home weekly treatment, this is it! If I put makeup on after I use this product, my skin seriously looks smooth and even. Super happy with this product!”

So yes, the Internet has spoken. If blackheads are your bane, you might want to give Glamglow a go ... unless you have your personal pet favourite, of course – in which case, holler and let us know!