According to Korean beauty trends, light, natural makeup is a better weapon to catch a man’s eyes and heart than fancy smoky makeup. Let’s learn some makeup tips from two female idol stars who have been treated like a goddess among men: Min Ah of Girl’s Day and Son Na Eun of A-Pink (pictured below).


Top 3 date makeup tips from female K-Pop idols DECOR 2Images: bntnews DB

The core of Min Ah and Na Eun’s feminine makeup is to emphasise their facial features naturally. They moisturise their skin to create a natural glow, which shines on their face as though they are using a highlighter product. They also make their eyes look deeper and glamorous with light golden brown eyeshadow and only draw a thin line of black eyeliner for definition. The two stars complete their feminine makeup look by giving a hint of pink to their lips.


Top 3 date makeup tips from female K-Pop idols GLOWING SKINImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

The first step of feminine makeup is to make skin look as clear and glowing as possible. Choose a rich makeup foundation to create a glowing skin. If you have super dry skin, then mix your foundation with a small amount of facial oil. Stylenanda’s Three Concept Eyes Face Chiffon Fluid foundation is a hypoallergenic makeup foundation with a high level of moisture. It lightly adheres to your skin and naturally covers skin troubles.


Top 3 date makeup tips from female K-Pop idols SMOKEY GOLD EYEImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

Many women still think gold is too much for eye makeup, but a gold shade gives luxurious, fancy feel so it is often used for party makeup. However, Min Ah and Na Eun use only a small amount of light gold eyeshadow to create an innocent-looking feminine makeup. Lightly color your eyelids and the area beneath your eyes. Make your eye shape clearer with a thin line of black eyeliner. As the last step, do your eyebrows with natural dark brown.


Top 3 date makeup tips from female K-Pop idols PINK LIPSImages: Stylenanda & bntnews DB

Pink is the best color to emphasize one’s lovely charm. Matte pink lipstick creates a chic, urban look while glossy pink completes a more feminine, lovely look. Stylenanda’s Three Concept Eyes Lip Color #605 gives a very unique color that looks like a combination of orchid burgundy, pink, and purple. You can fill your lips with it or create a gradient effect for more natural, trendy look.

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