Fretting over how to fit into your cheongsam this year? With Chinese New Year around the corner, it’s time to shed some post-Christmas weight and shape up before all that visiting.

Introducing Privé’s 360ShapeUp Programme, an integrated weight management programme that inspires one to attain a higher level of wellness by incorporating healthy habits into existing lifestyles.

Tailored for the busy urbanite in mind, this doctor-developed regimen provides effective and easy-to-follow tools to help one shed those excess pounds through a balanced diet, exercise and safe treatments designed by medi-aesthetics experts and doctors.

Using treatment to target resistant fats

It’s important to detox the body with a nutritionally balanced diet to flush out toxins and extra calories. Even for those who exercise regularly, many still carry excess pockets of resistant fats that are difficult to get rid of. This is where machines come in handy. Using advanced, clinically-proven machines, the targeted programmes adopt protocols tested by medical aesthetics professionals with years of experience.

1. RF: Inch Vanquish

What: A non-invasive body shaping procedure used to target large areas such as tummy, love handles and thighs without needles and anesthesia.

Suitable for: Healthy patients who want to take control of their core and improve problem areas when diet and exercise have failed.

Procedure: Vanquish utilizes a non-invasive, contactless panel array that creates a high frequency Selective Field RF™ energy that tunes thermal delivery based on deep tissue impedance. During treatment, the adipose cells are being disrupted and results in volumetric reduction in the fat layer. Vanquish‘s patented technology induces death of fat cells via apoptosis without disturbing values of serum lipid and liver-related blood tests.

2. Ultrasound: Ultra-Lipo Fat Reduction

What: A new FDA-approved device that uses high intensity ultrasound to permanently destroy excess abdominal fat.

Suitable for: Those looking to target problem areas such as fat around waistline, abdomen, flanks and love handles or are looking for an alternative to liposuction.

Procedure: This highly versatile system allows precise control over how and where energy is delivered for a customised one-hour treatment. HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Technology or Ultrasound energy penetrates skin layers and into targeted fat tissue to destroy targeted subcutaneous fat and deliver uniform results without harming skin or surrounding tissues.

3. Fat Freezing: Z-Combi

What: The latest cryolipolysis treatment designed to destroy fat cells and tighten skin for a slimmer, sleeker figure.

Suitable for: Diet-watchers who exercise regularly, but are unable to shed stubborn fat in various parts of the body including abdomen, hips and back.

Procedure: This two-part treatment first makes use of the Z Lipo component to target fat cells and eliminate them non-invasively. With three different applicators of small, medium and large to fit different shapes and sizes, the therapist is able to treat various parts of the body simultaneously. The latter Z Wave Pro component uses radial shockwaves to tighten the connective tissue, which improves skin firmness, elasticity and collagen regeneration on the abdomen and upper arm. Cellulite on the legs and buttocks is also minimised at the same time.

Diet: 28-day Healthy Diet Meal-Plan

To cater to the modern working women who have no time to fuss over tedious meal preparations, Prive Aesthetics offers a 28-day programme. This diet is a balanced, holistic ultra-low 500 calorie per day diet plan, delivered right to your doorstep.

Losing weight is already tough enough, why compromise on the enjoyment and taste of food? These meals are developed with nutrient-rich food based on grain/gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, legume-free and paleolithic diet, which allows consumers to enjoy their meals guilt free.

New year, new you

Losing weight and shaping up is more than just for the sake of looking good. With healthier eating habits and lifestyle, your body feels less sluggish and you’ll feel more energetic too. Make a change today – adopt a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident with Privé Aesthetics’ holistic weight management solution.

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