If you thought that the ‘Unicorn Beauty’ trend was fading then think again — Too Faced is about to release a ‘Unicorn Survival Kit’.


Photo: Too  Faced


The kit, which is part of the brand’s Holiday 2017 lineup, has been making teasing appearances on Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino’s Instagram feed since the beginning of the summer. According to PopSugar, many of the Holiday 2017 collection products will launch this September, although an exact release date for the ‘survival kit’ has yet to be announced.



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The kit taps into the ongoing trend for glittery, holographic makeup in pastel hues with a Unicorn Tears La Crème lipstick, a Unicorn Tears Melted Latex lipstick, a holographic highlighter and a limited-edition shimmering makeup bag. It was apparently inspired by the brand’s original Unicorn Tears La Crème lipstick, which has achieved cult-like status among fans.


‘Unicorn Beauty’ reached fever pitch earlier this year, with a host of holographic cosmetics for eyes, lips, hair and nails appearing on the market. Too Faced might have led the way with its fan-favorite lipstick, but it wasn’t long before brands such as Tarte, Nails Inc. and Lime Cream jumped onboard, with their own mythically-themed, iridescent products. The fever even spilled over into the realm of food and drink, with rainbow-colored food becoming increasingly normal, and the move even prompted Starbucks to launch its controversial limited-edition ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’.


Love it or hate it, it looks like the unicorns are here to stay — until the holiday season, at least.

This article was originally published in Relaxnews August 2017.