Tom FordTom Ford wears “four or five” different fragrances at once most days.

The fashion designer thinks perfume is a vital part of any woman’s wardrobe. He also likes men to make an effort with how they smell, explaining that doesn’t mean they should just stick to one cologne.

“Layer one or two perfumes to create a sense of depth and richness – it’s perfect for the party season. I usually end up wearing four or five different scenes by the end of the day, as I don’t change my fragrance for the evening – I simply add to my existing one,” he said.

Tom has been promoting his new makeup line this year, which includes some perfume. Violet Blonde was released earlier this year, as were other scents called Jasmine Rouge and Santal Blush.

He was keen to introduce fragrance to his line as he believes it can totally change the way women are viewed.

“If you want to make an entrance when you walk into a room, wear your fragrance with intense purple on your lips and (very, very long) nails. I promise you’ll get results,” he told the December edition of UK magazine InStyle.

“I think that scent plays a big part in a woman’s style. A woman in a fabulous black dress, wearing a rich, powerful fragrance and dark, smoky eyes will remain unforgettable. It’s the whole package.” © Cover Media