Image: Showbit

If foundation is well, the foundation of a solid makeup regime, then concealer is a crucial component of the finetuning of the fixtures in your house – think of the application process as being akin to “painting” a wall (all these metaphors!).

How so? In much the same way that a coat of whitewash is daubed onto a wall before painting proper, a colour-correcting primer should be applied to the undereye area before concealer.

In other words, when it comes to undereye concealer, one shade most certainly doesn’t fit all. Instead, create concealer couture, so to speak, by building up a wardrobe of flesh-toned dresses, to be layered over each other when the occasion calls for it. That means applying a pink- or peach-based corrector to cancel out the blue-black tones of your dark circles, before topping up with a yellow-based concealer to breathe colour back into the skin.

Application is actually incredibly intuitive. First, “paint” on a few dots of the whitewashing corrector to combat the tainted tint of tiredness, paying particular care to the purplish wedge directly under the inner eye corners, which tends to show the most discolouration. Pat in gently, then dab on a creamier-textured concealer. What to try, what to buy? Check out my personal pick of camouflage masters, helpfully sorted according to different levels of coverage, too.

For a thirst-quenching fix, try layering these two products over a rich eye cream – this will help soften those spidery lines that are the ominous beginnings of deeper-set crow’s feet. Set with a smidgen of your go-to loose powder to “freeze” the pigments in place so they don’t slip and slide down your nose, and you’re good to go.

Voila! A budge-proof finish that will leave you looking like you had the nap of a lifetime. Because when all’s said and done, the skill of subterfuge is a most useful one to master. “Eye” hope this has been an enlightening read!