These are the questions to ask your skin doctor if you want flawless skin

Make the most of your appointment with your skin doctor and go prepared with a list of questions that will actually get you the advice you need for flawless skin

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Sure, the world wide web, magazines and blogs are great sources of information when it comes to product and treatment recommendations. But to be perfectly honest, nothing beats the professional advice of your personal skin doctor. Not only are they medically-trained professionals, they are the ones who are able to examine the condition of your skin before recommending suitable products and treatments to address your most pressing concerns.

That said, it is absolutely vital to go to someone who’s experienced and understands each patient’s uniqueness before prescribing a treatment plan. However, chances are, it’s difficult to determine this without paying them a visit. To make sure that you’re going to be entrusting your skin health to someone who gets you, here are some of the key questions you should be asking your doctor at your next scheduled appointment:


1. How can I slow down signs of ageing? 

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It seems like everyone wants to look youthful for as long as we can. Whether it’s fine lines, dark spots or a loss of elasticity, the signs of ageing can catch up with us before we know it. Yet, many skin experts attribute the acceleration of these signs of ageing not to chronological ageing but lifestyle factors like inadequate use of skincare and exposure to the elements. Instead of trying to figure everything out by yourself, have an open discussion with your skin doctor about your concerns and he or she will be able to advise on anything from the skincare products to use, lifestyle changes to make, as well as the aesthetic procedures that are suitable for you.


2. What type of products should I be using? 

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Let’s be honest: with the sheer amount of products available in the market, planning a shopping trip at a beauty specialty store or department store can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To make things easier, you should also ask your skin doctor to recommend the types of products that are suitable for you after a skin diagnosis. Based on your skin type, skin condition and your preferences, your skin doctor should be able to recommend the skincare steps that you need and even the textures that you should look out for (i.e. a gel moisturiser vs a rich cream texture if you have oily skin). Don’t be afraid to ask for specific product recommendations or ingredients that you should look for or avoid.