How to recreate that K-beauty office makeup look inspired by Park Min-Young

Makeup tips that will help you to look your best even in the fluorescent-lit office

Who knew that leaving a nine-year post as a secretary could be this hard?

That’s the plot for the new Korean drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” that stars the charismatic Park Seo-joon and beautiful Park Min-Young as they portray the role of Vice President of a major corporation, Lee Young-joon and his secretary Kim Mi-so, respectively.


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This light-hearted drama received many great reviews since its premiere in June.  Park Min-Young clean and wearable makeup in the show has also become a hot topic amongst viewers of the show. Read on to find out how you can recreate her polished and professional look.


Barely-there base makeup

Start off by evening out your canvas. Instead of reaching for a heavy foundation, veil your face with a sheer layer of tinted moisturiser. Dot your face with your go-to BB or CC cream and blend with bare fingers. With some liquid highlighter, highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge for that subtle dewy look.


Defined brows

Anchor your minimal base makeup with a set of defined brows. Fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder. Next, go over your brows with a tinted eyebrow gel that matches your hair colour to lighten your brows and keep the eyebrow hairs in place.


Natural flush

The fluorescent office lighting can be very harsh, so add warmth to your face with a neutral pink blush or bronzer so you don’t look too washed out.


Pearly eye shadow

With a damp brush, grab some champagne or bronze shadow and apply it to your lids with your fingers – this will lend your eyes a pearlescent luminosity.


Brown eyeliner

While most women gravitate towards black eyeliners, Korean actresses tend to choose a more subtle brown liner instead. This helps to create a more natural lash line while also blending more easily with your eyeshadow. If you are creating a sophisticated cat’s eye, pick a more intense brown. For that gradient effect, go with a medium brown colour.


Gradient lip

A peach coral lippy is all you need to complete this makeup look. Concentrate the tint on the centre of your lips, then purse your lips together for that ultra-natural stain.


Super sleek ponytail

For a hairstyle that will pass muster with your tight-lipped HR director and googly-eyed admirer, go with the elegant super sleek ponytail. Before pulling your hair up in a ponytail, prep your hair by lifting up the roots and spraying hair spray throughout the layers underneath. Next, comb it through the head with your fingers to get a slicked-back ponytail that will not fall apart as the night goes on.