8 manicure ideas perfect for Chinese New Year 2019

Get ready to book your next manicure, because these nail art ideas are going to make you want a new paint job, stat

Getting a manicure is as much part of a pre-Chinese New Year prep as spring cleaning or getting a new outfit.

While sporting red or gold nails is de rigueur for this holiday, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or gaudy.

To take some load off you this festive season, here are some CNY-appropriate nail art designs you can show your manicurist.

These picks are also stylish, simple and easy to gel with different outfits. 

Get ready to screen-grab your picks before your next salon visit. Some of these designs are also really easy to DIY, so feel free to get inspired.


Piggy nails


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It’s the year of the pig so it seems only fitting to sport this zodiac sign on your nails.

Choose your favourite caricature of the animal to have painted on your nails for that extra dose of personality and charm.


Gold accents


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This nail art design is absolutely stunning yet easy enough to DIY.

It’s just festive enough to get you through CNY, but not overly so you can keep them on even when the dinners and visiting come to an end.


Red and dots


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Why go all glossy red, when you can have an accent nail with polka dots?

Since this design is easy to create, you won't end up paying too much for the nail art. 


The updated French manicure


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The French mani, in any colour, is an extremely flattering design on a round or oval nail.

If you are not a fan of red tips, try rose gold, silver or gold instead.


Solid gold


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Gold is a precious metal that has always held great importance in the Chinese culture because it is a symbol of wealth and riches.

Keep the manicure trendy by incorporating embellishments in a neutral colour like black.


Glitter accent nail


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This design adds a subtle shine to your nails. Accent nails are a fun and easy peasy way to add some sparkle to your fingers.

Some people choose to have the accent nail on their index or ring finger but really you can pick whichever nail you want to be your accent nail.


Cherry blossoms


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Red and white nails can sometimes look a little patriotic on their own if you live in Singapore.

But when you add details like peach blossoms and pussy willows, it will look much more festive and CNY-appropriate.




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This nail art design covers all the bases – it perfectly incorporates elements of the Chinese culture with contemporary nuances for a fabulous mani that’s sure to be a conversation starter among your friends and family.