Here's some best-kept professional secrets to create that flawless foundation finish at home

Who needs a makeup artist when you can perfect it yourself


While most people have differing opinions on what part of the face is important when it comes to makeup, a good number would say a good base makes for a great canvas.


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Of course, we’re not just talking about skincare because using the wrong products or application techniques can result in a patchy foundation that can ruin your whole makeup. Here are some tips to steal from makeup artists so you can have a flawless finish every day.



Apply with fingers, blend with tools

Applying with your fingers helps to warm up the foundation and prep it to melt onto your skin better. Afterwards, blend it in with a BeautyBlender or a brush.


Skip the loose powder once you're out

Once you've dusted your face with loose powder after applying all makeup, use blotting paper to blot the oil out from your skin instead of using a pressed or loose powder again.


Keep your skin hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated is key when it comes to getting that flawless finish or to even out skin tone more smoothly. For an instant hydration, apply a sleeping mask onto thirsty skin. You'll wake up with supple and moist skin. 




Thin out foundation with moisturiser

If your foundation tends to be a little more matte and drying on the skin, you can easily introduce some moisturiser into the formula, pumping up hydration. Alternative, just add some foundation to your moisturiser to turn it into a tinted moisturiser for a subtle glow. 


Use different types of primer on different parts of your face

If you've got combination skin, it's like that certain parts of your face are oilier or drier than the rest. To get a more even coverage, use different types of primer on different parts of your face.


This story first appeared on The Singapore Women's Weekly, April 2017.