How to easily apply your makeup without using brushes

While brushes and sponges are perfect for creating those elaborate makeup looks, nothing quite compares to our fingers for convenience. Not to mention they are always (quite literally so) at arm’s reach! Just keep these tips in mind and you might find yourself using your fingers more often

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Applying makeup with just your bare fingers is the ultimate lazy girl move. No need to cart around makeup brushes, and less things to clean over the weekend. So how do you make sure that you pick up the right amount of product, and blend properly without the help of any makeup tools? We gleamed some tips from Yuta Sato, the global makeup artist for Japanese beauty brand THREE. THREE’s brand of cosmetics are minimalist and effortless, which means that you can apply most of it using just your fingers. 


1) When applying foundation, don’t lift your fingers up until you’re done

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This one takes a bit of practice, but when you’re applying foundation with just your fingers, make sure you don’t lift them off your face until you’re done. According to Yuta, this will ensure a smooth and even application. He explains that because there’s oils and powders in foundation, tapping on the product or lifting up your fingers continuously during application can result in streaks or uneven patches.


2) When applying products with colour pigments, use your ring finger to transfer the product

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That’s because your ring finger has the least strength out of all your fingers, so it’ll allow you to build up the colour intensity gradually, instead of accidentally putting on too much product at once.


3) Use a clean finger to blend After applying the colour with your ring finger, use another (clean!) finger to blend out the product

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If you use the same ring finger to blend out the product, you’re just going to end up transferring more colour from that finger onto your face. “Use another clean finger to gently blend the product. That way, you’ll also get a more natural gradation effect,” says Yuta. This applies to eye, cheek, and lip makeup.


4) Not all products are meant to be applied with your fingers

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Some products, like cushion foundations or contour palettes, obviously have to be applied with a makeup tool. If you can’t spread the product easily with your finger tips, then it’s not meant to be applied that way. “The texture of the product is very important,” Yuta says. So if you’re trying to simplify your routine by forgoing the brushes, his advice is to use the appropriate products.

This article was first published on CLEO.