How to make a big impact on your CNY Instagram photos – with small changes to your makeup

From getting perfect skin to your brows, eyeshadow and lipstick, here are easy ways to look better in all your Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day photos

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It's Chinese New Year and that means lots of picture taking. 

Whether you’ll be posing with your family or rocking a cheongsam for an #OOTD, these makeup tips will help you to look your best for the camera.


Cover up blemishes naturally

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The camera magnifies imperfections like fine lines, acne marks and open pores, so never forget the concealer. Start by applying a foundation with a skin-like finish first, to even out the complexion, then conceal any problem areas that remain. 

You'll want to use as little concealer as you can get away with, and blend it well into skin. For the most seamless blending, use a concealer brush or a damp makeup sponge.


Pay attention to your brows

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Sometimes eyebrows can look patchy or faint in pictures, especially when there is flash photography involved. You probably need to make some tweaks to your brow products and how you use them.  i 

Patchy brows happen when you use just powder shadow to fill in your brows, or when product application isn't even. To prevent this problem, apply your brow product (whether powder, pencil and gel) directly onto the skin.

Brow products also fade when you sweat, leading to patchiness. To help it all stay on longer, apply an eyeshadow primer first.


Go for natural, not fully matte

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Piling on lots of powder can make your skin look dull and cakey in pictures. Use an oil-absorbing sheet to blot away any unwanted shine instead.


Go neutral on the eyes

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Start by applying a beige eyeshadow over the eyelids to conceal discoloration. Next, pop a darker bronze, copper or brown in the crease to define the eyes.

Highlight the inner corner of your eye with a touch of shimmery champagne eyeshadow. Done.


Wear a bright lipstick 

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As a rule of thumb, steer clear of pale lip colours as they make you look sallow and washed out in photos. Reach for something brighter and bolder, like red.