Everything you need to do to look good naked

How to tackle sagging skin, stretch marks, cellulite and more

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If you’re living in the +65, you’re probably never going to be totally covered up. From cellulite to acne and even bruises, here’s how to tackle these below-the-neck troubles so you can bare it all.



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Plagued with these persistent bumps and lumps? Well, you’re not alone. According to Dr Eileen Tan, dermatologist at Eileen Tan Skin, Laser and Hair Transplant Clinic, about 85 to 98 per cent of women are affected by cellulite regardless of their ethnicity.

Cellulite is generally caused by excess fat retention under the skin, which creates a dimpled or orange-peel like appearance. Dr Cheong Wai Kwong, dermatologist at Specialist Skin Clinic, tells me that unlike other fat in the body, these fat deposits are separated by bands of connective tissues in the deeper layer of the skin and form into pockets. When you put on weight, these pockets of fat will expand and cause the skin surface to become irregular.

Water retention can also cause cellulite. When your body has poor circulation, it leads to the accumulation of water between your fat cells, which also results in the appearance of dimples on skin’s surface.

Presently, there are no easy ways to get rid of cellulite. The best way to treat and prevent the formation of these annoying lumps is through diet and exercise. You can also try going for treatments that improve your body’s microcirculation like the Clarins Contour Shaper Body Treatment ($185 for 60 minutes). It uses massage techniques and specialised products to get rid of water retention and improve lymphatic drainage. Skincare that contains caffeine, like the Edible Beauty & Coffee Contouring Creme ($54, Sephora), can also stimulate circulation and help with cellulite.


Body Acne

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As if it wasn’t bad enough to get breakouts on our faces, these pesky pimples just had to find their way onto our bodies as well. Most often found on the chest and back, body acne is especially common in hot climates. This is because heat and sweat can clog pores and aggravate pityrosporum folliculitis, the fungal infection which causes acne on your body.

But not to worry, there is an upside. Body acne can usually be treated with proper cleansing and the application of over the counter acne treatments. One of our favourites is the DrGL Cleanser Acne ($78) that can be used on your face, body and even hair. However, if the problem persists, Dr Cheong advises visiting a doctor to get oral medication.



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Unless you live in bubble wrap, then you’re sure to get some knocks and bruises along the way. While they might be temporary, they can also be quite unattractive. Bruising becomes more common with age, Dr Cheong tells me, as the tissues that support fine blood vessels weaken, causing them to rupture more easily. To hasten the fading of these marks, he recommends applying creams which have vitamin K in them. Another alternative is to consume foods that contain the vitamin, such as broccoli, lettuce and beef.


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