Beauty insider tips to amp up your mascara game for longer, more voluminous lashes

There's no need for falsies and eyelash extensions once you master these easy steps to add to your mascara routine

Earlier this month I had lash extensions done following years of being met with, "Lash extensions, you've got to try em'," and after complimenting a friend's fluttery lashes. If there's one thing I've picked up from the experience, it's that no one can ever prepare you for the heart-wrenching pain which ensues when your lash extensions fall out - one-by-one. It's also somewhat difficult to maintain them. As a lazy girl myself, I like to scrub at my entire face to get a good cleanse at the end of the day - but these lashes require meticulous care. Instead of serving its purpose to make my life easier (plus side: I didn't have to apply heaps to makeup to look made up), it mainly added to my inconvenience.

And so, I decided to search for ways to achieve envy-inducing, luscious-looking lashes without having falsies or extensions come into the picture — for the sake of longstanding convenience. After researching long and hard (by watching beauty videos on Youtube, of course), I’ve come to discover 5 little known steps to add to my daily mascara routine. These fuss-free hacks make a world of difference when it comes to elongating your lashes and adding some drama to your peepers. Most importantly, they’re perfect for the wash-and-go kind of girl and they’re mostly cost-free. Long, wispy and voluminous lashes achieved in mere minutes; now that’s the dream.