What are the different ways one can wear glittery eyeshadow?

One of the easiest ways to add spark to make-up is with glittery eyeshadow, which can help make those peepers pop and add a little bling to the look.

Urban Decay’s national make-up artist Eunice Phang, 30, says a bit of glitter can turn any eye make-up from “meh to instantly mesmerising”.

But while a touch of glitter is ideal for the festive season, there is a risk of one looking like a mirror ball. Ms Phang provides some tips on how to wear glittery eyeshadow:

A dark base

Glittery eyeshadow can be swept on the lid over a darker matte eyeshadow for a contrasting effect. The darker base will make the look more sophisticated. Focus the glitter on the inner corner of the eye.

how to wear glitter eyeshadow for asian eyes

For a chic look

A light champagne sparkle on the lid paired with a simple eye liner and bold lips will create a cleaner chic look.

how to wear glitter eyeshadow for asian eyes

Go under the brow

Glitter brows are not for everyone. Some heavy metal glitter just under the brow can help to highlight the look.

how to wear glitter eyeshadow for asian eyes

Loose glitters

These can be fun, but may require more work such as glitter glue and the glitter may fall on the rest of the face during application.To make sure that the glitter sticks only to the lids and to protect your face, place a tissue under your eyes.

how to wear glitter eyeshadow for asian eyes

Prime your peepers

A good eyeshadow primer will help ensure your make-up lasts the day.


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