If you suffer from an oily complexion, the chances are you’ve spent time pondering the best moisturiser for your skin type. After all, it’s often tempting to avoid moisturising oily skin entirely, fearing that you will only make it worse.

But all skin, no matter what kind, needs hydration. That’s the advice from skincare guru Louise Tear who says the key is to find a skin care routine that will remove excess oil but won’t dry out your skin.

“The best moisturiser for oily skin is one that is lightweight, non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores, and oil-free,” says Louise.

“Those thick, heavy creams aren’t designed with oily skin in mind. A light, oil-free formula won’t actually fight blemishes, but it won’t cause spots either.”

“Some moisturisers also contain ingredients such as talc to control shine, and if you want your lotion to help control acne flare-ups, look for one with anti-bacterial agents,” she adds.

A cursory glance around the beauty counters will confirm there’s a moisturiser out there for every skin type. It just might take some trial and error to work out which one works the best for you.

As well as moisturising, it may pay to look at what could be causing the oily skin in the first place. “Look at your other facial products to check they are not too strong for your skin – likewise, check your make-up,” advises Louise.

“Avoid oil or cream-based foundations or products and opt for mineral or powder foundations instead. They won’t deposit oil and may even absorb some of the oil from your skin,” she adds.