We’ve loved the K-Beauty trends for a long time but what are trends if they are not translated and updated every now and then? Let us help you fine-tune some of them just a little bit so that it’s more modern and natural looking.


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1. Dewy skin

This look isn’t about getting a dewy sheen across the entire face, but adding brilliance to specific parts like the cheekbones and outer corners of the eyes.


Try: Zoeva Strobe Gel in Galo, $24


2. Black eyeliner



Forget the flicks or wings. The Korean approach is to fill the water line and softly smudge out the bottom line to subtly define the eyes.


Try: Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical gel eyeliner in Obsedian, $28


3. Ombre lips


Ombre lips have a more subtle look this season. Apply lipstick on the inner centre of lips then blend the colour out for a soft gradation.


Try: Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar, $34


4. Straight brows


The straight brows are looking a lot more natural this season, with a slight curve at the end.

Try: Late Lasting Eyebrow W (LQ) in BR1, $20.50


This story first appeared on CLEO, 17th April 2017.