Skin Kiss fake tan tights
Want to look slim, toned and beautifully bronzed?

Well, forget dashing to the gym and then dousing yourself in tanning lotion – simply pull on a pair of tights.

According to the manufacturers of Skin Kiss fake tan tights, the innovative hosiery leave legs perfectly tanned in less than two hours.

It’s thought they are the world’s first fake tan tights, and use a patented technology to create a gorgeously bronzed appearance.

For glowing pins, you simply slip the tights on and leave for 10 minutes while massaging your legs, paying careful attention to ankles, feet and knees.

Once used, the sheer tights can be washed and worn again and they come with a pair of plastic gloves to minimise the risk of getting stained hands during removal.

Skin Kiss fake tan tights



Other Skin Kiss innovations include Caffeine Tights, which are impregnated with microcapsules of caffeine to break down cellulite.

Worn daily for a three-week period, wearers reportedly saw the benefits of a two-centimetre reduction on each thigh while the skin also appeared smoother.

Speaking about the product, a spokesman for the British brand said that the demand for multi-functional tights is “truly unprecedented”. © Cover Media

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