Despite playing a huge role in a person’s look, hairstyles never quite get the same amount of attention as our skincare or makeup choices. It isn’t like we hate our hairstyles and want nothing to do with them, but I think the problem lies in the how. Getting our hair right always seems so tough, and we have to admit that we sometimes wish our hairstyles would fall into place just like on the cover of Her World magazine.

Fresh from the red carpet of Hollywood, we present the midi cut. A short-form for medium-length, the midi cut was first showcased by hair trendsetter Jennifer Aniston late last year. Chopping off her beloved locks, the actress opted for a length that took Hollywood by storm. From Emma Stone to Vanessa Hudgens, you can expect more midi cuts this Spring Summer 2014.

To compliment the midi cut ‒ you might want to try the colour of the moment ‒ dark brown. This rich shade is very versatile and easily accomplished on Asian hair. You can choose to do highlights, but really, we prefer you make a statement. Opt for a complete head of colour ‒ go Cafe Au Lait like Sarah Jessica Parker and Cobie Smulders ‒ and your hair will be Hollywood ready.

Made famous by Miley Cyrus, the punk pixie is clearly not for the faint hearted. Seen on everyone from P!nk to Emma Watson, the super short style is actually quite easy to pull off (and maintain). All you really need is a good stylist that understands your face shape, and a tub of wax. For sharper faces, opt for a longer fringe ‒ think Miley Cyrus or Victoria Beckham ‒ as it gives you an edgier look, and further defines your jawline. If you have a fuller face, go for a shorter fringe that gently frames your face. This will give the illusion of a smaller face, as well as soften your jawline.

To take your pixie to the next level, add a splash of colour. With this style, a few streaks of your favourite shade will go a long way. The wackier the colour, the more heads you’ll turn.

So, these are the trends, but how do you know they’ll suit your particular skin-tone or face shape? To help you get a better idea of how international style trends will suit Singapore women, hair gurus L’Oreal Professionnel have picked three Singaporean women as the brand’s new local “it” girls. Julie Tan, Melissa Koh, and Kyla Tan all have growing careers on the screen and online and have been chosen to try these three on-trend hairstyles, the “it looks” of Spring Summer 2014.

Check out pictures of Julie Tan’s side-swept midi cut and the really punky pixie cut on Asia’s Next Top Model contestant Kyla, all produced by the L’Oreal Professionnel team. We also couldn’t get our eyes off Melissa Koh’s effortless look featuring two horizontal blocks of pink shaded from the inside-out, the look is unique but not too over the top.

Another thing we couldn’t help but notice was how colour played a huge factor in all three looks. With more “crazy” colours like lilac and pink, you have to undergo some serious hair colouring that usually involves bleaching your hair and making a major style commitment, but if you’re not a fan of permanent hair dye you can try L’Oreal Professionnel’s recently launched hair chalks for fuss free, temporary hair colour you can easily wash out.

So the next time you visit your salon, skip your usual cut and blow-dry and try something a little more interesting.

L’Oreal Professionnel’s new ‘it’ looks will be available at selected partner salons from April. For more information, call 6738 3113 and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.