“My parents taught me to appreciate the diversity in this world and to embrace the fact that everyone is unique. I simply don’t care about naysayers. This, I get from my mother, actress Tan Kheng Hua. My freckles come from her too, so I’d never want to change what reminds me of her.

Of course, there were moments of insecurity during my teenage years. I saw people on social media whom I envied and wished I could look like.
People would also make not-so-nice comments because it’s unusual for a Chinese person to have freckles. Now, however, social media has helped me
be more confident about my freckles, which are considered quirky and fashionable.

Lim Shi-An, 23, Student

I get a lot of young people complimenting me on them. I thank Instagram trends for that. I like being different, and I don’t want to cover up something that makes me unique. People remember me for my freckles, and that helps me make an impression.

I remind myself that looks aren’t everything. Being beautiful does
not equate to being a kind and hard-working person. Focusing on
being a good person, and working towards goals and dreams that
I can be proud of are much more important to me.”

As told to us by Lim Shi-An