“I was dyeing my grey hair up until two years ago. But I had to do it every couple of weeks, and it became too much of a hassle, and too expensive to maintain. Once I decided to stay grey, I felt liberated because I didn’t have to hide my true self. In fact, I like the salt-and-pepper look. Many strangers come up to compliment me, asking if it’s natural or dyed.

Now, I’m more confident than ever of who I am. If people are negative about me or what I do, so be it – it doesn’t bother me. It’s important to
embrace your age, but not let it define who you are.
There are no rules
as to how seniors should dress and look, what they can or should do. I
feel that we conform to what other seniors do because we don’t want to
be ridiculed.

That was why I started my Instagram account (@grey_evolution) to encourage others my age to get out of their comfort zone. My first step was to model for local fashion label, Graye Studio. I figured that if the young female designer trusted me to look good in her clothes, why shouldn’t I
trust myself?

There are hurdles I still face – being on stage, media interviews, being in a room with strangers. But I tell myself to do my best and say a prayer. So long as I have tried, I’ve already overcome them.”

As told to us by Ong Bee Yan