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The experts at La Vida recognise that you deserve a perfect pair of arches, which shouldn’t come at the expense of your beauty sleep or safety.

Using the cutting-edge, German-manufactured Amiea fine blade and organic, nasties-free ink, the brow specialists create hair-like strokes that follow the growth of your natural hair. This ensures that the result suits your facial features and face shape for bolder, natural-looking brows, without causing lesions on your epidermis.

The procedure is so gentle that it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin. Before any procedure, the trusted experts at LA VIDA®, who have spent days under the tutelage of an industry-leading training team, will also assuage any hygiene related jitters by showing you a sealed blade before opening it in front of you.

Natural brows to suit all skin tones

The embroidery treatment creates the illusion of naturally full arches on any skin tone and brow colour. LA VIDA® offers an impressive array of over 390 shades, and the therapists will even create a custom colour that flatters your hair and skin colour, so your brows look voluminous and realistic. You don’t have to worry about your brows looking like they were drawn on with a Sharpie. There’s no bleeding or downtime; you can expect beautiful brows in just one session.

There are different microblading treatments that you can ask for at the salon:

FLUFFY BROW starts with the therapist sketching on an eyebrow shape based on your golden facial ratio. With the treatment, the ultimate goal is to create precise strokes that mimic natural hair.

NANOFINE STARDUST BROWS uses the same handheld tool consisting of many tiny needles to create hair strokes that are fine and natural. Compared to Fluffy Brow, the finish is softer and more diffused. It’s not too filled-in or blocky. According to LA VIDA®, the effects are able to last longer compared to other procedures.

And, if you’ve always wanted to plump your pout and enhance your lip symmetry (to complement your new look), the salon also offers a 3D Nanofine Lip Blushing treatment that imparts a semi-permanent wash of colour to subtly outline and fill in your lips. Just like the eyebrow procedures, this uses organic, plant-based pigments imported from Germany.

OUR REVIEW: Nanofine Stardust Brows

Our writer testing out the Nanofine Stardust Brows treatment

“Upon stepping into the studio, I was greeted by the friendly staff. Next, I’m ushered through a plush, velvet drape to a special private room, where my brow area was thoroughly cleansed. First-time clients like myself will start by getting a quick consultation.

My therapist assessed my brows and sketched out my desired brow look; full but natural, with arches to define my face. Next, numbing cream was applied. The entire process took about 45 minutes.

The salon uses premium plant-based ink from Germany, which was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. My meticulous therapist would pause to apply more numbing cream whenever I complained of pain.

Even though multiple incisions were made across both brows, the entire process was comfortable. I even snuck in a nap! I expected my brows to be extremely dark and harsh before seeing the end result, but I was pleasantly surprised. My freshly groomed arches looked so natural that no one could possibly tell that I just got them embroidered.

You’ll be sent home with a healing cream and instructions on what you can (and cannot do) in the next 24 hours. I’m in love with the results and I can’t wait to try out more services.”