Things to consider when colouring your hairIf you are thinking of embracing a radical hair hue change, there are some factors to consider first. Cover Media caught up with celebrity colourist Clayde Baumann to find out what he recommends to his star customers. Clayde is a finalist in this year’s Wella TrendVision competition as a result of his radical colouring techniques.

“I am a big fan of colour change with my clients. I enjoy changing even a small nuance in their colour every time they visit the salon to keep them looking current and to keep them excited about their look. It is important to take some things into consideration. Discuss these points with your colour technician to gain absolute clarity before creating your new look,” he explained.

“[Ask your colourist or stylist firstly] is it achievable? Can it be done? What does it entail damage wise and how will it affect my hair and the look I have now?

“Then ask is it maintainable? Discuss the maintenance with your stylist before entering into a long term colour commitment. Also think about whether or not it is suitable. Does Rihanna Red really suit you? Do Jen’s highlights put dimples in your cheeks? Consider that your new look may mean having to change your make-up and potentially some of your wardrobe.”

Once you’ve gone for the new look, Clayde says upkeep is of paramount importance. He recommends regular trims and using sulfate free shampoos to keep locks in the best condition.

“Have your hair coloured at regular intervals to avoid demarkation lines, excessive re-growth, colour bands and irregular porosity,” he explained. “Also new to try if you colour your hair often and you hair is really damaged is a Keratin treatment such as Nanokeratin after your colour. This seals the cuticle, eliminates frizz drastically and can lock in colour if done immediately after.”