TAME: Fixing frizzy hair starts before you even wash it — shampoos can dry out hair but pre-wash treatments can be used to repair hair shaft and prevent it from dehydration after washing.

TREAT: Aside from conditioning hair to make it shiny and smooth, use a hair mask at least once a week to deeply nourish hair strands. Towel dry hair after washing instead of leaving it dripping wet, then apply hair mask starting from your ends and working your way up. Avoid applying directly to roots as it might weigh hair down after you rinse the mask off.

STYLE: Protect hair from styling stresses with hair serums and heat protectants. Ensure that hair is completely dry before using a flat iron to straighten hair — using it on wet hair creates steam, essentially damaging hair from inside out. Flat irons coated with Teflon don’t tug at strands, giving it a smooth and shiny appearance after straightening.

Bonus tips:

  • Cut styling time in half with a 2-in-1 styler, which allows you to blow dry hair while straightening it.
  • Use cool air setting on your hair dryer to seal in the hairstyle, and prevent lingering heat from damaging hair strands.
  • Impurities can weigh down hair and cause it to look flat and lifeless. Invest in a monthly scalp cleansing ritual to rid build-up which can clog pores.